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WaybackUnifier allows you to take a look at how a file has ever looked by aggregating all versions of this file, and creating a unified version that contains every line that has ever been in it.


Go is required.

go get

This will download the code, compile it, and leave a waybackunifier binary in $GOPATH/bin.


  -concurrency int
        Number of requests to make in parallel (default 1)
  -output string
        File to save results in (default "output.txt")
  -sub string
        list of comma-separated substrings to look for in snapshots (snapshots will only be considered if they contnain one of them) (default "Disallow,disallow")
  -url string
        URL to unify versions of (without protocol prefix) (default "")

The settings are by default suitable for unifying robots.txt files. Feel free to change the value of -sub to anything else, or supply an empty string to get all versions of a file without filtering.

Note: Lines are saved unordered for performance reasons

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