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FIO Banka SDK for C#

This SDK make communication with FIO API much easier. At the present time you can get your bank statement in various data format.

Build status

Release status



You can install SDK for FIO using the NuGet

PM> Install-Package FioSdk

From version 2.0.0 added support for .NET Standard 1.3.

Version 2.1.0 +

  • all methods support async calls

Version 2.0.0 +

  • support for .NET Standard 1.3

Quick start

You can find examples how to use this SDK in the project samples/FioSampleConsoleApp

Notice, that you can call up API every 30 seconds.

Step 1: Get your access token

At the beginning you must obtain your access token. You can obtain it in your FIO internetbanking. Your token must have read access (writing is not required at this moment).

Step 2: Play with SDK

Once you have your token, you can use SDK and get information about your statement

// create your API explorer
ApiExplorer explorer = new ApiExplorer("YOUR_TOKEN_MUST_BE_PRESENT_HERE");

// get account statement
AccountStatement statement = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastMonth());

// browse transactions
foreach (var transaction in statement.TransactionList.Transactions)
    Console.WriteLine(transaction + " - " + transaction.Amount.Value);

Example - Choose period

var statement = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastDay());
var statement = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastMonth());

Example - Choose exact period

var statement = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastDays(14));
var statement = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastWeeks(8));

Example - Get data in specific format

string html = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastDays(10), Format.Html);
string xml = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastDays(10), Format.Xml);
string csv = explorer.Periods(TransactionFilter.LastDays(10), Format.Csv);

Example - Get new transactions from last download

var statement = explorer.Last();

You can change last download date also:


Supported frameworks

  • .NET Standard 1.3