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An Open Source Automated Food Production System
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Open Nutrient Lattice

An Open Source Automated Food Production System

NOTE: These hardware designs are subject to rapid hardware and software design changes. This includes changes pushed to "master".

Eventually we will move to a git workflow where only production changes will appear in master but we are not yet at that point. 

10,000 Foot View

The eventual Goal is to create a low cost system that produces enough food to feed one person for one week every two weeks without any human interaction. This is going to be done via automation, microgreens and horizontally scaling production strategies.

Design Principals

Grow Lattice

  1. Minimize human interaction. Humans should pick up a ready to eat product.
  2. Minimize consumables. The only consumables should be, water, seeds, fertilizer, and electricity.
  3. Minimize maintenance.
  4. Follow principals outlined here

State of Development

Plants are now growing!

Plants have been gown to 1.5 weeks old. Harvested was forced when the roots clogged the drainage system.

v0.0.15 seeks to address by adding a 2.5cm buffer between the roots and the nearest drain holes.

Due to a developer travel v0.0.15 testing will be delayed till early December.

Things to be done

  • Continue to scale up size and layers.
  • Add filter to stop plants from clogging elements of the pump
  • Add automated harvesting via "combing" the rows.
  • Add automated bundling and packaging of plants.
  • Add sensor suite for water management.
  • Add sensor suite for uv light management.


The complete v0.0.14 assembly

The complete v0.0.14 assembly

Plants growing on nothing suspended above the water via friction.

The complete v0.0.14 assembly

1.5 week old plants

The complete v0.0.14 assembly

Hardware Designs

Grow Lattice

Grow Lattice

Support Tray

This will eventually hold all tray specific support electronics. Currently it just holds grow LEDs. Support Tray

Water Buffer

The water buffer system. This allows us to handle any amount of water input. Water Buffer

Tray Holder Jig (for testing only)

Tray Holder Jig

Water Buffer Holder Jig (for testing only)

Tray Holder Jig

Water Box

I couldn't find anything that fit perfectly so I made this. Water Box

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