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SubdomainRoutes Revision History
Version 0.3.1
* Fixed bug whereby port number was not preserved when a subdomain route changed
the subdomain in the host (Matsumara Akihiro, Matthew Hollingworth).
* Similarly, added fixes to preserve https protocol when host is changed.
Version 0.3.0
* Added this revision history.
* Added #assert_recognizes_with_host and #assert_generates_with_host methods to
ActionController::Assertions::RoutingAssertions, allowing testing of subdomain routes
if you're into that sort of thing.
* Modified ActionController::Routing::Route#significant_keys to include the subdomain
option in the case of model-based subdomain routes.
* Added ability to override default namespace and name prefix for model-based subdomain
routes by passing :name option to the map.subdomain call.
* Updated README to describe how to test with subdomain routes.
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