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railsmechanic commented Feb 15, 2017 edited

Added LZ4 compression...

railsmechanic added some commits Feb 15, 2017
@railsmechanic railsmechanic Added Tar.LZ4 compression
Added Tar.LZ4 compression
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@railsmechanic railsmechanic changed the title from Added Tar.LZ4 compression to Added LZ4 compression Feb 15, 2017

Cool, thanks! In order to be able to access this with the CLI tool, please make the additions necessary in main.go.

+// isTarLz4 checks the file has the bzip2 compressed Tar format header by
+// reading its beginning block.
+func isTarLz4(tarlz4Path string) bool {
mholt Feb 15, 2017 Owner

The comment says bzip2, but the code just checks the tar format?

+// can be those of regular files or directories. Regular
+// files are stored at the 'root' of the archive, and
+// directories are recursively added.
+func (tarLz4Format) Make(tarlz4Path string, filePaths []string) error {
mholt Feb 15, 2017 Owner

Don't forget to update the godoc comments ;)

@railsmechanic railsmechanic reopened this Feb 15, 2017
mholt commented Feb 15, 2017

Why did you close this one?


Sorry my fault... Plz ignore this one and head over to PR #24

Many thanks 👍

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