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With this release, we also launch our updated pricing structure. Read the blog post for details!

Caddy 0.10.10 removes the Caddy-Sponsors header for all builds as well as featuring a number of incremental improvements and bug fixes. This version has one notable, possibly-breaking change, but it is for security reasons.

The new default of the CASE_SENSITIVE_PATH environment variable (if not set) is now false, meaning that matching a base path (using Path.Matches()) to a directive will be a case-insensitive comparison by default. This helps avoid common misconfigurations with security-related directives like basicauth (and similar auth-related third-party plugins) which protect resources by a base path. As far as static files go, this mainly affects Windows and macOS that have case-insensitive file systems. (Thanks to @magikstm for bringing this common misconfiguration caused by non-obvious documentation to our attention.)

Another notable change is that startup and shutdown have been deprecated in favor of on. You should use on soon as we will eventually remove startup and shutdown directives.

All changes:

  • Built with Go 1.9.1
  • Removed Caddy-Sponsors header
  • New 'on' directive that deprecates 'startup' and 'shutdown'
  • Changed CASE_SENSITIVE_PATH default to false
  • fastcgi: Support for SRV upstreams
  • redir: Rules with if statements are not checked for duplicates
  • Several minor bug fixes