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A community repository for Go language vector (and bitmap) graphics. It includes the official graphics that ship with Go as well as 3rd-party contributions.

This is an unofficial repository.

The goal of this repository is to encourage creativity and innovation (as well as fair use) in the Go community. Having access to high-quality vector graphics and 3D models makes it possible to produce beautiful, creative works that feel familiar and recognizable.

How to Contribute

Just submit a pull request with your creation or derivative work. Vector formats are preferred.

Here's some tips for submitting a PR:

  • Files are organized into folders by type. If a folder for your file type doesn't already exist, you may create it.
  • Each folder should have a plain-text file called README. It credits each file in alphabetical order in this kind of format (flexible depending on the contribution):
	Contributed by Your Name
	If released under a different license, specify it here
	Adaptation of original-file.png (Original Creator)
	Any other source or historical information of interest
  • If possible, please try to keep file names lowercase with hyphens between words (no spaces or other punctuation).

Check the license!


By default, contributions fall under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. However, licenses vary among different files, so pay attention before you use.

Is a license specified for that file in the README?

Each folder has a file called README that contains information about its contents. If a certain file has an exceptional license, it will be specified in the README.

Is there a LICENSE file in the folder?

If a folder has a LICENSE file, that license applies, by default, to all files in that folder and all sub-folders. It may be overridden by subsequent LICENSE files or on a per-file basis in a README.


We advise against linking directly to these images. GitHub is not a CDN; if the paths ever change, your links will break.

Original credit

The original Go gopher was created by Renée French and is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 USA license. Thus all derivatives must provide attribution.

More information about the gopher can be found on the Go blog.


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