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A free and open source chess game using AssemblyScript and React
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Web Chess (Play it here!)

License: GPL v3 Website

A free and open source chess game using AssemblyScript and React.

The chess engine runs completely standalone in the browser and does not require any backend. All computer moves are calculated in the background using Web Workers and do not block the main thread for the UI.



  • Chess engine implemented in AssemblyScript
  • Computer opponent with 5 difficulty levels
  • Drag'n'Drop support to move chess pieces
  • Touch support for mobile devices
  • Responsive design
  • Undo player move

Planned features

  • Save game in local storage
  • Check for threefold repetition rule
  • Display move history in algebraic chess notation
  • Export and import positions in FEN

Planned engine improvements

  • Optimize move generation
  • Improve position evaluation
  • Use opening database and endgame tables

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This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License - see the LICENSE for details.


Images for the chess pieces come from Wikimedia Commons.

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