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Build Status

Neverland takes the pain out of testing HTML5 geolocation within your Rails app. For more on HTML5 geolocation, check out the spec.

Getting Started

To install, add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'neverland'

In your test environment initializer, add the Neverland middleware:

Dummy::Application.configure do
  # ...

  config.middleware.use Neverland::Middleware

By default, Neverland will mock the result of navigator.geolocation.getCurrentLocation to latitude 42.31283, longitude -71.114287. This can be overridden by sending the parameters neverland[:latitude] and neverland[:longitude]. Error states can also be triggered by setting neverland[:error_code].


  • The implementation naievely overrides the browser's geolocation implementation by inserting a JavaScript tag into the response.

  • The middleware will treat the response body as HTML. If you're using XHTML, this could cause issues.

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