A lightweight .NET library for reading data from and writing data to InfluxDb
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This is a .NET library for reading data from and writing data to InfluxDb. As the name suggests, it's very lightweight.

It exists because the alternatives at this point seemed overly complicated for my simple needs.

Available on nuget.

Query Examples:

var idb = new InfluxDb(url, db, username, password);

var measurements = await idb.QuerySingleSeriesAsync("show measurements").Select(a => (string)a[0]).ToList();

var q = "select mean(v) from " + seriesName + " where time > "
        	            + (startDate - prePeriod) + "ms and time < " + endDate 
            	        + "ms group by time(" + step + "ms) fill(previous)";
var values = await idb.QuerySingleSeriesAsync(q).Select(a => a[1] == null ? null : (double?)Convert.ToDouble(a[1])).ToList();

Write Example:

public class MySimpleSeriesPoint : ISeriesPoint
    public MySimpleSeriesPoint(string name, string category, object value)
        Name = name;
        Tags = new Dictionary<string, string> {{"category", category}};
        Fields = new List<string> {"v"};
        Values = new List<object> {value};
    public string Name { get; private set; }
    public Dictionary<string, string> Tags { get; private set; }
    public List<string> Fields { get; private set; }
    public List<object> Values { get; private set; }


await idb.WriteAsync(new MySimpleSeriesPoint("MyMeasurement", "MyCategory", myValue));

Note: you could use SeriesPoint rather than a custom implementation of ISeriesPoint, but I think in many instances a specialized implementation is more convenient.

Note: you can also pass a list of ISeriesPoint objects to WriteAsync which will generate a multi-line request.