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large file transfer over unreliable networks
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ncpy is a small utility for copying large files from one computer to another in situations where network connectivity is potentially very poor.

I built this because I frequently need to transfer large data files from a server to my laptop and frequently want to do this whilst working in cafes in developing contries with very unreliable internet connections. If the network connection goes bad or slow or I suddenly want to leave because someone started talking loudly, I want to be able to move to a different cafe or go home and have the transfer seemlessly continue from where it left off.


On the server


On the client:


ADDRESS-TO-RECEIVE-FROM is either an IP address or fully qualified domain name.

ncpy uses port 9005. This is currently not configurable.

In order to prevent a transfer aborting, the only thing that must be done is ensure the client is not terminated.

It is ok to put a latop running the client to sleep. Everything will continue as normal when the laptop is woken up and regains network access.

It is ok to run the server in a shell which could potentially hang if the connection is lost. Simply start the server up again if it dies in this way. No need to use virtual terminal manager such as screen.

The server will automatically shut down if it has been idle for too long. If this happens and you still want to continue the transfer, simply start the server up again. Note however that the file must not have changed between server restarts.

If you want to pause the transfer, you can kill the server and restart it when you want to resume.

Development Status

Appears to be working as intended after some basic testing.


I've included a Vagrantfile which can be used to create an environment suitable for building and running ncpy using vagrant

ncpy depends on nanomsg. Have a look at (which defines provisioning for Vagrantfile) for steps on how to install this.

You may need to edit the Makefile to change the nanomsg include path as required.

I've not compiled this under windows yet, but it should be possible without modifying the source.


Matt Howlett

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