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Console application for testing Topic Maps Query Language
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TMQL Console

A console tool to quickly fire TMQL statements against local topic map files.

Similar GUI-based projects

Sample use case

$ ./ pokemon.ltm
TMQL4J Simple Client
Importing pokemon.ltm ...done!

>> Set current TMQL runtime to TMQL-2010.
Enter '?' for help.
TMQL-2010@pokemon.ltm > ?
h, help, ?                   : Shows this screen.
e, exit, q, quit             : Exits the console.
s, stats                     : Shows the statistics for loaded Topic Map.
t, tree                      : Prints the parsed tree for the last query.
x, external <queryfile>      : Loads and executes content of queryfile.
r, runtime <version>         : Changes the TMQL runtime.
                                 * TMQL-2010
                                 * TMQL-2007

An entered query should be finalized with ; to execute it.

TMQL-2010@pokemon.ltm > s
  * Topics: 201
  * Associations: 442

TMQL-2010@pokemon.ltm > r TMQL-2007
>> Set current TMQL runtime to TMQL-2007.
TMQL-2007@pokemon.ltm > "poison" << atomify << characteristics;
[EnteredQuery = "Poison" << atomify << characteristics]
[ResultType = TMAPI]

-  innerResults:
   -  construct: !Topic
         - file:/D:/Temp/pokemon.ltm#poison
         -  itemIdentifiers: []
            scope: []
            value: Poison
            variants: []
         -  datatype:
            itemIdentifiers: []
            scope: []
            type: ii:file:/D:/Temp/pokemon.ltm#description
            value: Poison Pokemon prefer to live in dumps and can poison other Pokemon.
         subjectIdentifiers: []
         subjectLocators: []

[FoundResults = 1]
TMQL-2007@pokemon.ltm > t
Query tree for:
"Poison" << atomify << characteristics
QueryExpression(["Poison", <<, atomify, <<, characteristics])
  |--PathExpression(["Poison", <<, atomify, <<, characteristics])
    |--PostfixedExpression(["Poison", <<, atomify, <<, characteristics])
      |--SimpleContent(["Poison", <<, atomify, <<, characteristics])
        |--Navigation([<<, atomify, <<, characteristics])
          |--StepDefinition([<<, atomify])
          | |--Step([<<, atomify])
          |--StepDefinition([<<, characteristics])
            |--Step([<<, characteristics])

TMQL-2007@pokemon.ltm > e

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