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my-dir = $(dir $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
OS_MAKEFILES = $(shell ls Makefile.OS.*)
include Makefile.sourcefiles
include Makefile.jni.sourcefiles
OBJS := $(foreach FILE,$(LOCAL_SRC_FILES),$(FILE:.cpp=.o))
SNDFILE_INCLUDE = `pkg-config --cflags sndfile`
SNDFILE_LIB = `pkg-config --libs sndfile`
# -g
CXXFLAGS = -O3 -fPIC -Wall -I$(my-dir) $(SNDFILE_INCLUDE)
# figure out what platform we're on
ifndef OS
OS=$(shell ./platform)
ifeq (,$(findstring Makefile.OS.$(OS),$(OS_MAKEFILES)))
### Help message
all %:
@echo OS is set to [$(OS)]
@echo Please set the OS environment variable to one of the following:
@ls Makefile.OS.*
@echo for example:
@echo '`OS=Linux-i386 make`'
@echo or else make a Makefile.$(OS)
include Makefile.OS.$(OS)
all: platform $(PLATFORM_TARGETS)
platform: Makefile.OS.$(OS)
@echo "Building for the $(OS) platform"
@mkdir -p ../libs/$(OS)
rm -rf $(LOCAL_MODULE).so *.d *.o me/rjdj/zengarden/*.class me/rjdj/zengarden/*.o ../test/me/rjdj/zengarden/*.class ../ZenGarden.jar ../libs/$(OS)/*
libzengarden-static: ../libs/$(OS)/libzengarden.a
../libs/$(OS)/libzengarden.a: $(OBJS)
$(AR) rcs $@ $(OBJS)
libjnizengarden: ../libs/$(OS)/libjnizengarden.$(JNI_EXTENSION)
../libs/$(OS)/libjnizengarden.$(JNI_EXTENSION): $(LOCAL_JNI_SRC_FILES)
$(call MAKE_SO, $@, $^, $(OBJS))
libzengarden: ../libs/$(OS)/libzengarden.$(SO_EXTENSION)
../libs/$(OS)/libzengarden.$(SO_EXTENSION): $(OBJS)
$(call MAKE_SO, $@, , $(OBJS))
java-jar: ../ZenGarden.jar
../ZenGarden.jar: me/rjdj/zengarden/*.java
javac -classpath ../junit-4.8.2.jar ./me/rjdj/zengarden/*.java ../test/me/rjdj/zengarden/*.java
jar cfm ../ZenGarden.jar me/rjdj/zengarden/manifest me/rjdj/zengarden/*.class
cd ../test && jar uf ../ZenGarden.jar me/rjdj/zengarden/*.class