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ZenGarden is a stand-alone interpreter for the Pure Data audio programming language. It is designed as an audio library, making it easy to plug into any audio software, either as the primary audio engine or as a plugin. It is built from the ground up in portable C++ using modern software design principles, making it easily extensible and available for use on most modern platforms, including mobile systems such as iPhone and Android. ZenGarden is open source under the LGPL. ZenGarden does not contain a graphical user interface.

See Getting Started to run the demos and start hacking.

  • It was originally released in October 2009 by Reality Jockey, the makers of RjDj.
  • It is written in C++, with examples for interfacing with Python and Java.
  • It is released under an LGPL license.
  • It is beta quality software – expect bugs and don’t expect everything to be implemented. Please use the Issues page.

See the README for more details.



  • ZenGarden makes use of an implementation of the Mersenne Twister in order to reliably produce random numbers.
  • ZenGarden uses JUnit in order to test the behaviour of objects. junit-4.8.2.jar is included in the repository in order to make it quick and easy to test the library after building it. See the JUnit repository for more details.