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Crash on starting project #109

Tjorriemorrie opened this Issue · 2 comments

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on windows8 enterprise 64



It's looking for Java. Do you have Java? If you looki the process_interaction.js you'll see on line 11 it's tyring to call this function

function javaDir() {
if(air.Capabilities.os.match(/Windows/)) {
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre7\\bin\\java.exe");
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Java\\jre7\\bin\\java.exe");
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java.exe");
return path;
} else {
return air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("/usr/bin/java");

You're most likely getting the error because you either moved Java, or it's not installed. Install it or put it in one of those listed directories and everything should work fine.



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