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error with import.... #135

griffinbyron opened this Issue · 2 comments

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does anyone know what the issue is with this error;

error styles.scss (Line 17 of _shared.scss: Properties are only allowed within rules, directives, mixin includes, or other properties.)

I'm using the flexbox mixins from but cant get them working....

any ideas?


thanks for the references!

i still cant get it compiling. I gather, from the reference, that i have to declare variables before they are used. But when I do the following, it still errors. Any leads?

$int: "1" !default; // define the variable
@mixin flex-grow($int) {
-webkit-flex-grow: $int;
-moz-flex-grow: $int;
-ms-flex-positive: $int;
flex-grow: $int;
} //why is $int erroring? its been declared!?!?!?

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