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add_import_path seems to be ignored #139

MichaelKloepzig opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I'm trying to add an import path outside of the project directory.
I'm running the App on Windows 7 and added a config.rb containing just:

add_import_path = "C:\Users\micha\Documents\sass"

I also tried double backslashes and forward slashes.

When the app attempts to compile, i get an error for my import, then it lists the locations where it's looking for the import file. My configured location is not listed there.

When I remove the import from my .scss file, everything works just fine.

Thanks for your help!


Probably very late for the original question but might help someone....

I was having a similar issue, finally I got this to work..

To get Scout to point at C:\Work\Portal\maven-generated
I put add_import_path "/Work/Portal/maven-generated" in my config.rb

-so backslashes swapped out for forwardslashes
I'm running on Windows 7

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