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String error? #14

blackfalcon opened this Issue · 4 comments

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This may be a bit wonkey, but this works in a ruby development environment.

Sass 3.1.7 (Brainy Betty)
Haml 3.1.2 (Separated Sally)

The code:
@mixin linear_gradient_w3c ($default_color, $color_values, $prefixes: $prefix_defaults) {
// default fallback //
background: $default_color;
@each $prefix in $prefixes {
background: #{$prefix}linear-gradient(top, $color_values);

The error:
Syntax error: Not a valid color stop: Sass::Script::String: white 0%, white 40%, #f8f9f9 41%, #f8f9f9 55%, #f2f3f4 56%, #f2f3f4 100%
on line 12 of /Desktop/test/sass/imports/gradients/_area_51.scss, in `linear_gradient_w3c'


@blackfalcon did you ever find out more information about this issue?


Actually I started using the Sass and Compass gem locally and had the same issue. Still haven't figured out why that is happening.


I'm going to mark this as closed then unless you have any other questions relating to this issue for us.


I have the same issue, as i try to do a mixin for a linear-gradient (SVG + all of the other browsers/formats). I need to pass a color by string("FFFFFF") instead of hex(#FFFFFF), so i need to connect that "#" later on. And i can't, because of this weird error...
Hope there will be a solution, as it is extreemly needed.

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