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Newbie question: avoid css comments #169

HectorCalleja opened this Issue Apr 1, 2014 · 5 comments

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i'm using Scout and Sass for the very first time. I tried different output styles options but all of them add comments on the css like this:

/* line 11, sass-first-time.scss */

How can I skip these buddies?



C'mon people, help this hommie! :)


hi - i havent actually used this app yet - but was reading about it here: and in the comments someone had the same issue (i think) as you and the suggestion was to change from developer to production


Same issue here!


If you work in "Production" instead of "Development" the comments go away. Then just pick how squished you want the text to be (Nested, Expanded, Compact, Compressed). The comments can be useful, but most of the time they're just too messy.

Pro-Tip! If you have comments in your sass file that you don't want removed, then add an !

/*! This stays when outputted */
/* This is removed */
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