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I choose the output Style "compressed" but every time that a make a change in the .scss file, the output renders a random between compressed, nested, compact and extended.

I would like to have the same style in every save, any ideas about this issue?


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Thanks for reporting. I will look into this tomorrow. Is this with the latest 0.6.0 download or with 0.5.0? Thanks,


Hi Zdennis. Version 0.5.0 for (windows) I'm using Ruby 1.3.9. Sass 3.1.18.


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@fredcerdeira, I have been unable to reproduce this with 0.6.x of ScoutApp on OSX or on Windows. 0.6.0 included an upgraded of Compass so if there was an issue in Compass that was bundled in ScoutApp 0.5.0 it may be fixed.

Can you download the latest 0.6.x release from the downloads page. If that doesn't resolve your issue, let me know. Thanks!


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I think this issue needs to be reopened. I don't see it in another open issue, and it's (as far as I can see) not yet resolved.

I've just installed version 0.6.2 on Windows 7 and I'm having the exact same problem that @fredcerdeira reported. Basically, the app doesn't seem to care what your "Output Mode" settings are. It just chooses something randomly. (Also, none of those options specify that the output includes comments identifying corresponding line numbers with the .scss file, yet it will occasionally compile a css file that has such comments; of course, this might be a separate issue.)

So as mentioned, once you make changes and then the file is saved, when Scout outputs the new CSS file, it's in some other random format, sometimes with comments, sometimes compact. It doesn't seem to matter which option is chosen, it just does whatever it wants in the output.

Any idea what's causing this? If you like, I can record a quick screencast on screenr.com showing this occurring.


Okay, I have an update on this. It seems that the problem was occurring because prior to installing Scout, I had installed Ruby using the Windows installer, and then I installed Sass/Compass using the command line. I didn't realize that Scout actually runs in a "self-contained Ruby environment" with Sass/Compass built in. I thought Scout was dependent on my manual install of Ruby and Sass/Compass.

So I uninstalled Scout, Compass, Sass, and Ruby, then I re-installed Scout alone. Now I'm able to choose any "output mode" and Scout will honor the option as expected.

It still seems a bit odd that it was randomly going through the different output modes, but at least I was able to resolve it should anyone else have a similar issue.

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@impressivewebs thanks for the detailed follow-up. You are correct, Scout runs a self-contained ruby environment. That is so designers don't have to worry about installing Ruby, gems, etc.

It is strange that you saw behavior indicating Scout was somehow getting mixed up with a different ruby environment, gems, etc.

I'm going to re-open this issue as it seems like it needs more investigation. If any one else can reproduce this could you post to the ticket if you have manually installed Ruby, Compass, or Sass outside of Scout?

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I'm experiencing this issue as well. I have Ruby 1.9.3 and Sass 3.3.9 alongside Scout.


@winghouchan I don't think they are maintaining Scout anymore. The repo hasn't been updated for 2 years.

My suggestion is to try a different app, maybe try Prepros:


Or Koala:



@impressivewebs Thanks! I was wondering if this was maintained anymore. 😆

I've gone back to the command line actually.

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Yeah, I haven't done much on this in a long time. Pretty much when Adobe decided to not update AIR for proper retina display support I stopped messing with Scout. I had started a native OSX client re-write, but due to other life things it has gotten shelved.

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