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Orphan Processes #36

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Melvin Waller Zach Dennis LaurenceG
Melvin Waller

Folder monitoring processes becoming orphaned and not terminated.

1) Click 'Run' to monitor/poll a project folder for changes.
2) Click 'Stop' to stop monitoring/polling the project folder.
3) Check system processes. Note java.exe process is still running.
4) Click 'Run' again, note that a second java.exe process is now running.

A new java process is started each time a project monitoring is started, past processes are never terminated. Eventually you begin having problems that files cannot be edited because the java processes have the files opened and not allowing access.

The only way to regain editor access is to manually terminate the java processes through windows task manager, or restart your computer.

Zach Dennis
zdennis commented
Melvin Waller

Scout downloaded and installed yesterday: ScoutAppInstaller-0.5.0.exe
Adobe AIR:
Java: 6 update 31 (32 & 64 bit versions), SEDK 6 update 30
Ruby: rubyinstaller-1.9.3-p194.exe
Windows: 7 Enterprise 64-bit, SP 1


I can confirm java.exe and conhost.exe not getting killed.
Adobe AIR:
Java: JavaTM platform SE 7 U4
Windows: 8 consumer preview 64bit

Zach Dennis
zdennis commented

@Joe-Flash /@LaurenceG, thanks for reporting the versions. I'll look into this. I don't have Windows 8, but I assume resolving the issue for Windows 7 will fix it for Windows 8 as well.

For completeness, I tested this on OSX as well and the stop project is working (although sometimes just quitting out of Scout leaves an orphaned process).

All of these may be related. I will post back as soon as have more information or a fix ready.


I should say I'm using 0.6.0

Zach Dennis zdennis referenced this issue from a commit
Zach Dennis zdennis Updating calls to NativeProcess#exit() to pass in a flag to forcibly …
…exit processes. Tested on Windows 7 and OSX Lion.

Zach Dennis
zdennis commented

@LaurenceG and @Joe-Flash, this has been resolved in ScoutApp 0.6.1. You can find it here:


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