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PB with images_dir in Config.rb #46

awaweb opened this Issue · 10 comments

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I'm using SCOUT 0.6.1 and I'm looking at the new "config file" option in SCOUT.
The generated_images_dir variable seems to work fine
but the images_dir variable has a problem...
SCOUT put a / before my variable so "../images/" becomes "/../images/".
Any solution to solve this issue ?
Thank you and bravo for Scout

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@awaweb, sorry I didn't have time to review this before I built 0.6.2 and pushed it out tonight. I will review this and try to confirm the issue tomorrow or Friday. We should be able to get a fix out shortly there-after.


Nice. I'm looking forward this issue.


Hello, do you have any good news for me ? I'm really worried about this issue. Because of it, it's impossible to use the power of SASS's sprites with Scout.
Thank you for your work.

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@awaweb, compass looks to be interpreting the relative path incorrectly. Expanding the path may resolve the issue:

  images_dir = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/../images")

Let me know if that doesn't go. Thanks,


Unfortunatly, that doesn't work. I'm on Windows 7. Your proposal generate this path "/C:/Windows/system32/media/" which is an absolute windows path, not good for a CSS file.

Any way, have you seen the slash at the beginning of the path ? /C:// ? it's like images/ becoming /images/. The problem is always here...


I'm seeing a similar issue on OSX. This also might be related to Issue #9.

My folder structure is setup like this:

I specified the directories correctly in the config screen, but when my sprites are generated the folder name and path are wrong. In icons.scss, I specify the following:

@import "social/*.png";
@include all-social-sprites;

Which generates the following background CSS:

background: url('/images/social-s0ab59038f9.png') no-repeat;

Hmm, not good. Any update on this?

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Note, the "...." are just more subfolders with no special folder names or characters.

Input: /Users/nring/Projects/..../homepage/scss
Output: /Users/nring/Projects/..../homepage/css

JS: /Users/nring/Projects/..../homepage/js
Images: /Users/nring/Projects/..../homepage/img

Environment: Development
Output Style: Expanded


Hi there,

I have the same issue, is there any solution so far, or suggestions?


I have the same situation here,

I'm working with Wordpress and Xampp on Windows... but my sprite paths on CSS are "/images" and all my URL Path are "http://localhost/images" ...

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