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Config file #62

coopersita opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Alicia Ramirez Gregor Arz Zach Dennis Wouter Soudan furiousm Sam Smith
Alicia Ramirez


I may not be understanding the way the config options are supposed to work in compass, but in mine, I have tried changing the contents, and I don't see a difference when it gets compiled.

http_path = "/"
css_dir = "../css"
sass_dir = "./"
images_dir = "../images"
javascripts_dir = "../js"
environment = :production
relative_assets = true
output_style = :compressed
line_comments = false
preferred_syntax = :scss

I've changed the environment, output_style, line_comments, but I see not difference in the output. Shouldn't my CSS file be formatted differently when changing the preferences, in terms of white spaces, and comments?

It's not a huge issue for me, but I though I'd bring it up.

Gregor Arz

No it is not a huge problem but it makes no sense to have a config file that is not responding to any changed settings.
Or do I got this config file wrong?

Zach Dennis

@upstroke, some of the base options (css dir, sass dir, images dir, javascripts dir, output style) are being passed into Compass through command line arguments (these are the ones configured in the ScoutApp GUI). I think those may be overriding what you have configured in the config.rb file.

This is probably backwards behavior, and I'm considering eliminating ScoutApp from doing this and just generating a default "config" file if someone doesn't already have on their project. This way the config file would be the one and only place to specify options (whether done via the GUI or manually in a text editor).

I'd love to get feedback on this. Thoughts?

Wouter Soudan

Great idea: pass the project’s config.rb options to ScoutApp, else default to a Scout config.

I’m suffering from the same issue: however I change the config.rb, Scout keeps outputting “development" and “nested" css. Worse, even when I change these options in Scout’s GUI (to “production" and "compressed"), I still get a compiled css with all the comments &c.

Wouter Soudan

Of course, stop and restart watching, forces Scout to use the new settings. It would be nice if changing the options would make the app reset its watching itself.


I had the same issue. my workaround was delete the compiled css file and compile again.
Had it also through compass command line

Zach Dennis

@rhythmus , I like your suggestion to have config changes automatically restart the watcher.

Sam Smith

On a related note, can someone point me to an explanation of what the config options do? Particularly the ones in the GUI.

Zach Dennis
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