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Not looking for bg images in the images folder #63

elefontpress opened this Issue Sep 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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Seems like Scout is looking for my bg images in the Output folder, even though I specified an images folder.




But when I set, say: background: url('object.jpg');

It looks for the image at:


If I get all crazy and try: background: url('static/images/object.jpg');

... and then move the static folder inside the stylesheets folder, then it looks correctly (sort of) at:


And the image shows up in the background as hoped for.

But that's cray. Who wants the images folder in the stylesheets folder?



Mutually Human member
zdennis commented Sep 29, 2012


Use the image-url helper (provided by Compass) so Compass/Sass can generate the image path I think you're expecting:

 background: image-url('object.jpg');

Let me know that resolves the issue! Thanks!

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