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Windows 8 prevents install #86

adam-lynch opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Windows 8 release preview blocks install until More Info -> Run Anyway is chosen.

Adobe Brackets has the same problem (#1934). Here are a couple of screenshots:

Initial popup:

After clicking "More info":
Run Anyway


What are your security settings? I'm running windows 8 and it's just fine. Are you running an admin account? You could turn off SmartScreen and then re-enable it. if Adobe Brackets has a similar issue it's probably your security settings are set pretty strict (not a bad thing). Try temporarily disabling it?


My settings are the default that come with Windows 8; from Control Panel\System and Security\Action Center:

Yes, my account is an admin account.

Temporarily disabling the SmartScreen doesn't make a difference.


What error do you get when you click "Run Anyway" on the second screen? I'll try uninstalling mine and then replicating your settings later and see what happens.


There is no error after "Run Anyway"; it runs fine. The problem is that Windows deems the installer as untrusted and shows the SmartScreen in the first place.


Gotcha, sorry for the misunderstanding. I don't know any specs on Windows 8. But most of the programs that I install I have to go through this. I did a bit of research and found this "In Windows 8, SmartScreen will only notify you when you run an application that has not yet established a reputation and therefore is a higher risk"


No prob. Hmm, I assumed it had something to do with the signing of the installer or something as well as 'reputation'.

"We expect average users to see a SmartScreen prompt less than twice per year and when they do see it"
I know I'm no average user but still I'm not sure I completely believe that statement.

It also surprises me that Adobe isn't "recognized".

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