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XMPP MUC bot that interacts with Asterisk
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mhterres * Installation docs updated
* Now XyBot supports SIP and PJSIP
* "SIP type" option added in configuration file
* New plugins available: pausequeue and unpausequeue
* Corrections in some plugins to allow new "SIP type" configuration
* Corrections in monitoring systems
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asterisk/etc * First commit Apr 16, 2016
config * Installation docs updated Sep 12, 2016
db * Documentation updated Apr 19, 2016
libs * Installation docs updated Sep 12, 2016
monitor * Added sip status monitor Apr 22, 2016
plugins * Installation docs updated Sep 12, 2016
samples * Documentation updated Apr 20, 2016
CHANGELOG * CHANGELOG updated Apr 18, 2016
LICENSE Initial commit Apr 15, 2016


XMPP MUC bot that allows users to interact with Asterisk - Proof of Concept

This project (PoC) shows the possibilities of use of an XMPP bot integrated with an Asterisk server.

The main goal of this project is to enable users to interact with asterisk directly from your XMPP client.

Xybot was built to provide an expandable structure of plugins and monitoring agents that allow system administrators to deploy their own resources.

The directories contains:

  • asterisk/etc - asterisk configuration samples (xmpp and manager)
  • config - sample configuration file
  • db - database schema and asterisk database sample schema
  • docs - documentation
  • monitor - monitoring agent files
  • monitor/scripts - scripts used by monitoring agents
  • plugins - plugins files
  • samples - sample files for some plugins and monitoring agents
  • tests - scripts for testing

If you find bugs, please send e-mail to

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