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Tcl script for updating transmission port when using PIA
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Private Internet Access Transmission Updater

This script will update the listening port for Transmission with the forwarding port for users of Private Internet Access.

How It Works

There are three steps to this script. First, it makes a remote procedure call to Transmision to see if the current listening port is still open. If it isn't, the script gathers the local ip address for the VPN device, and makes a request to PIA with your user name, password, and client id for the current forwarding port. Finally, another remote procedure call is made to Transmission to update the listening port with the forwarding port sent back by PIA.


Tcl and Tcllib are the only two requirements. They come pre-installed on most *nix operating systems.


Configurations are loaded via a config file. By default, the script looks for a file named .config residing in the same directory as the script. The config file location can also be passed as a command like argument:

./updater.tcl --config patch/to/config.file


pia_user       USERNAME
pia_pass       PASSWORD
id_file        CLIENT_ID_FILE
device         VPN_DEVICE
trans_rpc_url  TRANSMISSION_URL/transmission/rpc
rpc_auth       TRUE/FALSE
rpc_user       RPC_USERNAME
rpc_pass       RPC_PASSWORD
check_port     1
USERNAME         ---PIA user name
PASSWORD         ---PIA password
CLIENT_ID_FILE   ---Path to file containing client id
VPN_DEVICE       ---Device name for VPN connection. Usually tun0. Run ifconfig to find out
TRANSMISSION_URL ---URL to transmission. If running on same box: http://localhost:9091
RPC_TRUE/FALSE   ---If rpc authenication is enabled for transmission. Set to true or false
RPC_USERNAME     ---Transmission rpc username
RPC_PASSWORD     ---Transmission rpc password
PIA_URL          ---Url for fetching port from PIA. Can normally be left as is.
CHECK_PORT       ---OPTIONAL. Can be used to disable Transmission port checking to just always update port


First, we need a file with the unique, constant client id. This will be sent with every PIA request.

OS X: head -n 100 /dev/urandom | md5 > ~/.pia_client_id

Linux: head -n 100 /dev/urandom | md5sum | tr -d " -" > ~/.pia_client_id

Once the client id file is created and the configurations set, it is as easy as running: tclsh updater.tcl

or make it executable with chmod u+x updater.tcl and then run ./updater.tcl


It can even be setup to run as a cron job to completely automate this process. Something such as:

@hourly /usr/local/bin/tclsh /scripts/updater.tcl


If it doesn't work for some reason, the script can ran in a debugging mode by adding a flag when running:

./updater.tcl --debug true

The script communicates with Transmission via its RPC API. Specific Transmission RPC configs can be found here and the RPC specs here.

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