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Zenboard: teamwork made easy


Try it out here

Why Zenboard?

We believe that your team can achieve great things.

You don't need the world's most talented individuals, but you do need laser focus, deep collaboration and "user-centricity".

Zenboard is a team board that makes all of this easier. Read more here.


Zenboard is currently v0.4. There will be bugs. Archiving is not yet implemented.

Create your own board in 10 minutes

Zenboard is lightweight - suitable for hosting on a free Heroku account. (If you want to host elsewhere check this guide).

  1. You will need Git installed locally. You can download it here.

  2. Clone the Zenboard repo

git clone
cd zenboard
  1. Signup for a Heroku account

  2. Install the Heroku CLI

  3. Make sure you've logged in to Heroku CLI and created the app

heroku login
heroku create
  1. Provision JawsDB (MySQL): heroku addons:create jawsdb

  2. Deploy Zenboard to Heroku: git push heroku master

  3. Open Zenboard in a browser: heroku open

More info

Heroku's getting started guide for Node.js is here.

To host Zenboard elsewhere

All you need is MySQL and a server supporting Node.js. In most cases:

  • minimal server resources will be needed, as there will be relatively few requests per minute
  • high availability / clustering / load balancing won't be needed

NOTE: If the app doesn't find the necessary MySQL tables, then it will automatically create them. The schema to contain them must already exist though - see config/db-config.js

Share the love

If you like Zenboard please GitHub star it, thanks!


Zenboard uses Vue.js, Node.js and

This repo is just the API (created with Express Generator). To run it:

The Vue.js source is in a separate repo here.

To run locally

DEBUG=zenboard:* npm start

A snapshot of the UI is bundled in this repo. You can access it at http://localhost:3001/

Here is one of the API endpoints http://localhost:3001/api/rows/deep


Want to get involved? Get in touch!

What about "feature X"?

Mobile app

Board columns aren't a good fit for mobile. We have a very different design for mobile but that's a story for another day ;)

Auth, SaaS, etc

To develop auth/SaaS, Zenboard will need a contributor or sponsor.

Estimating, "sprint velocity", etc

Zenboard isn't planning specific features for task estimating or velocity reports.

To find out why, watch this video on Modern Agile.

Modern Agile