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A jQuery app for musicians to create setlists.
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Setlist is a responsive JavaScript web application for musicians to quickly create setlists for their next performance.

Setlist runs in a browser and does not require a server. Persistence is handled locally on device, but created setlists can be exported to a PDF or shared via a URL. There is also a Performance View that displays the setlist in a read-only modal view.


• Easily create a setlist by typing in the name of the song, or adding a Break or Encore. The setlist can easily be reordered by dragging the individual elements, or removed by either dragging them to the delete box or double clicking (laptop or desktop) on an element:

• The app runs in the browser without a server, so local storage is used for persistence on device.

• A setlist can be shared with others by using the Share / Export to URL button. This creates a URL that when passed to the Setlist app, is imported and correctly renders the setlist:

• A Performance View is available that opens a read-only version of the setlist in a modal view:


  1. Clone the app: git clone
  2. Open the setlist.html file in a browser.
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