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Fast Managed Math for Games

Mono.GameMath is a project to develop a highly-performant math library for games.

There will be three components:

  • the math library
  • a benchmark suite
  • an IL manipulation tool

The Library

The math library API is initially based on the XNA math API, in order to make it easy to port code, however it will likely be expanded. Non-math algorithms used in games may also be added if contributed.

The library will have the following ifdefed versions:

  • "safe" - as a baseline and for sandboxed platforms
  • unsafe - for architectures without SIMD support
  • unsafe + Mono.Simd

Architecture-specific versions tuned for JIT & SIMD behaviour may be added later if benchmarks indicate this is necessary.

The Benchmark Suite

The benchmark suite will consist of micro-benchmarks to measure individual functions, and macro-benchmarks to test the interaction of multiple functions. The purpose of the benchmark suite is to ensure that optimizations actually improve the performance, and to be able to evaluate performance on different runtimes and CPU architectures where JIT behaviour may differ.

The benchmark runner will be able to run the benchmarks against different versions of the library with different optimizations. It will also be able to compare results against recorded baselines.

The IL Tool

The IL manipulation tool will be used to create differently tuned versions of the library, and to optimize consuming code, based on by attributes in the code. It may inline functions, rewrite pass- by-value function calls to use pass-by-ref overloads (especially for overloaded operators), and perhaps other optimizations such as profile-guided optimization (it would be great if we could use attributes to annotate things for the JIT to inline or to heavily optimize).