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Mental Health Knowledge Base

This project is no longer active and the repo has been archived.


  • increase awareness
  • Web site should be low-maintenance
    • no logins necessary, all changes to site will be submitted through the GitHub project page, but feedback and link suggestions and be sent by email and through a form on the web site.
    • links to external web sites added should have relatively fast load times, not be bogged down fetching hotlinked images, etc.
  • To accumulate a wide variety of links related to mental health and wellness
  • To present information that is not well-advertised by well-known media outlets
  • To provide people with
    • more information
    • more choices
    • more freedom to choose how they would like to pursue their recovery goals
    • the potential for a more open discussion related to how the mental health care system could be improved


The content on the web sites linked to from the knowledge base has been written by doctors, consumers, and a wide variety of people who have had no formal education in the medical, psychological, or psychiatric field. Among other things, the information on this site and external web sites and blogs consists of opinions or personal stories - and as such, treated like any other opinions or stories you may hear or read about on any subject.

I (Andy Alt), nor the contributors of the Mental Health Knowledge Base, necessarily endorse, believe, or agree with, the views presented by the various sites to which the Knowledge Base links.

Warning About Discontinuing Medication

Please note: doctors recommend that no one should attempt to withdrawal from psychiatric drugs (Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Anti-anxiety drugs and ADHD drugs) without a doctor's supervision. If you have firmly decided to discontinue medication without a doctor's supervision, you can find some guides to medication withdrawal (a.k.a. discontinuation syndrome) on book-selling sites, or sites such as The Icarus Project.

Contributing to the KB