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The BringMeFood App

Group Members:

  • Travis Madill
  • Rajiv Galva
  • Varun Gopikrishna
  • Mahesh Ranaweera


Being a student is a hurdle. With our heavy courseloads, long assignments, and last minute submissions, there is not enough time to physically buy something to eat, or drink.

In response, we created the application that solves this issue, the BringMeFood app. This app allows the individuals to either play the role of a wanter, the person requesting for food, or a bringer, the person buying the food. The wanter would be required to create a food order, and once done, would be required to either send the desired order to bringers nearby based on his/her location or based on the custom code provided by the bringer. A payment option would allow the wanter to pay for their order. Once this is done, the desired location of set and the wanter can get ready to receive the food from the set location


Though the following can be developed more in the future and shown on the Google Play Store, at the moment, it is currently only available throuhg this repository.

To get started, do the following steps:

  1. Clone the repository on to your local machine.
  2. Open Android Studio
  3. Clean and build the project
  4. Run it.

Paypal Sandbox Testing

password: bringmefood

password: bringmefood

Test User

login Email:
Password: 123456

Usage Instructions

Thank you for downloading the BringMeFood App. Once you open the app, you have te ability to sign up using 3 methods.

  1. Sign up Form
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Facebook

Once you are logged in you can add money to your wallet using the navigation tab on the top left. After you add money to the wallet, you can either request others using the app to bring you food or be a getter yourself and get food for others.

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