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Releases: miac-research/psmd

PSMD release 1.8.3

01 May 10:44
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Revision of the PSMD container recipe.

PSMD release 1.8.2

28 Apr 15:38
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Minor bugfix (#6)

PSMD release 1.8.1

12 Mar 11:49
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  • Smaller code optimizations
  • Multiple disclaimers (in documentation, license file, script, container recipe, etc.) that PSMD is not a medical device

PSMD release 1.7

11 Nov 08:10
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  • Singularity Container Beta version, please report any issues

From 1.6 pre-release:

  • Ability to run on already pre-processed DWI data (option -p).
  • Option -g to output PSMD (or MSMD) separately for each hemisphere, comma-separated (left,right).

PSMD release 1.5.1 (2019)

09 Nov 12:07
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Bug fix release:

  • Fixed a bug related to the parsing of options
  • Added a check for FSL version 6

PSMD release 1.5 (2019)

09 Nov 11:57
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New features:

  • An additional, enhanced masking method (option -e). Intended to further improve the exclusion of problematic areas, i.e. areas with CSF contamination as well as hyperintense regions on DWI raw images (e.g. susceptibility artefacts and acute infarcts).
    There are two drawbacks when using this option: It only works when using unprocessed data as input and processing time is longer (approx. doubled).
  • The possibility to include your own lesion mask to exclude brain areas from analysis, e.g. large haemorrhages. A mask in DTI space needs to be supplied by the user (option -l mask) .
  • The possibility to output median skeletonized mean diffusivity (MSMD) instead of PSMD (option -o). MSMD might provide more stable results in certain scenarios.


  • A refined skeleton mask (skeleton_mask_2019.nii.gz) to further improve the exclusion of areas prone to CSF contamination.


  • New naming scheme for temporary files for a better overview during troubleshooting.
  • Minor code improvements for better compatibility.

PSMD original release 1.0

09 Nov 11:48
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Legacy code. Original release of the PSMD script as used in the first PSMD publication (Baykara et al., Ann Neurol 2016).