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=== mmg ===
Contributors: Mia Ridge
Plugin link: http://www.museumgames.org.uk/
Tags: game, museum, metadata
Requires at least: 3.8
Tested up to: 3.8

Beyond alpha version of a plugin for a museum collection-based game.

== Description ==

mmg is a WordPress plugin for a set of metadata games based around museum collections. 
Not included (for now) is the museumobjectsimport script that is used to get data into the matchy_objects table for use in the game.  Data is sourced from the collections of the UK's Science Museum, Sydney's Powerhouse Museum and the British Library.

Plugins currently used in the game code are:
CubePoints (for player scores)
Session Manager (for session cookies)

Plugins used to improve appearance and performance of the site:
Hide Admin Bar
Google Analyticator
W3 Total Cache
WordPress Database Backup
Error Log Monitor (for quick checking when I'm away from my dev set-up)

Theme is Titanic Thematic Child Theme for responsive theme goodness.
Pages also use the plugin Sidebar Login (replaces Theme My Login, allows account creation from the sidebar)