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A maze game where you have to collect your cuddly toys and escape the monsters. Exam project in javascript at Blekinge University of Technology.
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Sweet Dreams Game

A maze game where you have to collect are your cuddlers and at the same time keep away from the monsters that are chasing you.

You use the keyboard arrows to get around and you can shoot hearts at the monsters, but only at those above you. After each heart the monster disappears more and more and after five hearts it is gone.

Level 1: Here you have to find five rabbits and you have seven monsters against you. Level 2: Game is won if you find all seven teddys here.


Download all the files and store them where you want on your computer, but keep them in the same folder just as they are. Doubleclick the index.html file and start playing.


This is my exam project in javascript, last course in webdevelopment at Blekinge University of Technology in Sweden.


This software is free software and carries a MIT license.


v0.1.0 (first version)

Base functionality.

Copyright (c) Mia Raunegger, 2017,

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