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Miasma AWS

AWS API plugin for the miasma cloud library

Supported credential attributes:

Supported attributes used in the credentials section of API configurations:

  :type => :storage,
  :provider => :aws,
  :credentials => {

Common general use attributes

  • aws_access_key_id - User access key ID
  • aws_secret_access_key - User secret access key
  • aws_region - Region to connect

Profile related attributes

  • aws_profile_name - Use credentials/configuration from profile name
  • aws_credentials_file - Specify custom credentials file
  • aws_config_file - Specify custom configuration file

Instance related attributes

  • aws_iam_instance_profile - Extract and use instance IAM credentials

ECS task related attributes

  • aws_ecs_task_profile - Extract and use ECS task IAM credentials

Secure Token Service related:

  • aws_sts_token - Set STS token to use with current key ID and secret
  • aws_sts_role_arn - Assume role
  • aws_external_id - Provide an external ID when assuming role
  • aws_sts_role_session_name - Provide custom session name when assuming role
  • aws_sts_session_token - MFA related session token
  • aws_sts_session_token_code - Six digit code from MFA device
  • aws_sts_mfa_serial_number - Serial number or ARN of MFA device
  • aws_sts_duration - Specify duration of validity for token

S3 related attributes

  • aws_bucket_region - Override current aws_region for bucket

Other attributes

  • aws_host - Provide customized full endpoint (without http/https) for API requests
  • api_endpoint - Use custom endpoint when constructing (defaults to '')
  • euca_compat- Enable compatibility mode for eucalyptus. Allowed values:
    • path - Construct using services/SERVICE_NAME
    • dns - Construct using DNS subdomains (SERVICE_NAME.REGION.API_ENDPOINT by default)
  • euca_dns_map - Map services to custom DNS subdomains
  • ssl_enabled - Use SSL for API connections

Current support matrix

Model Create Read Update Delete
AutoScale X X
Compute X X X
LoadBalancer X X X X
Orchestration X X X X
Storage X X X X