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Miataru (見当たる) - be found

Miataru means "be found". It's a set of tools for location tracking of users and devices.

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  1. miataru-server miataru-server Public

    this is the reference implementation for a miataru server

    JavaScript 38 7

  2. miataru-ios-client miataru-ios-client Public

    the Miataru iOS client

    Objective-C 14 8

  3. miataru-webclient miataru-webclient Public

    HTML5 miataru client application that uses JQuery, LeafletJS and HTML5 LocalStorage

    JavaScript 11 8

  4. miataru-protocol-specification miataru-protocol-specification Public

    the miataru protocol specification

    JavaScript 4 3

  5. miataru-website miataru-website Public

    JavaScript 2 1

  6. miataru-client-csharp miataru-client-csharp Public

    a simple miataru client in C#

    C# 2 1


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