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Welcome to the Plan DSL for Bamboo wiki! For questions regarding the syntax of the DSL/YAML, please see the API documentation.

  • Read the Getting started guide if you have never used the plug-in before
  • Study the provided DSL components
  • Start developing DSL scripts in your IDE with the help of IDE support
  • Want to use a task that is not natively supported by the plug-in? See the Bamboo tasks section on how to use it anyway.
  • Want to configure custom plug-in plan options in the miscellaneous section? See the Miscellaneous plug-in options section on how to do it.
  • Study advanced topics for tips & tricks for more complicated scripts
  • Want to make your DSL scripts compatible with a specific version of the library? Visit the migration page to see what has changed.
  • Interested in examples of real world DSL scripts?
  • More questions? Read the FAQ.
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