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Grbl support for OctoPrint

This plugin lets you use Grbl based CNC machines with OctoPrint.

NOTE: You still need to set a few more settings after installing this plugin to make it work. See below.


pip install octoprint-grbl-plugin

Required Configuration

  • Serial Connection > Advanced options > "Hello" command = M5
  • Features > Send a checksum with the command > Never

Additional controls

If you would like to show some additional info on the "Control" tab, add the following to your config.yaml file:

- name: State
  type: section
  layout: vertical
  - name: Realtime State
    # GRBL 0.8  <Idle,MPos:0.000,0.000,0.000,WPos:0.000,0.000,0.000,RX:3,0/0>
    # Grbl 1.1  <Run|MPos:-39.430,-16.480,0.000|FS:1626,0>
    regex: '<([^,]+)[,|][WM]Pos:([+\-\d.]+,[+\-\d.]+,[+\-\d.]+)'
    template: 'State: {0}  Machine Position: {1}'
    type: feedback
  - name: GCode state
    # [G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M0 M5 M9 T0 F300. S700.]
    regex: 'F([\d.]+) S([\d.]+)'
    template: 'Speed: {0}  Power: {1}'
    type: feedback
  - command: '?$G'
    name: Refresh
  - command: '$H'
    name: Home
  - command: '$X'
    name: Unlock
  - command: '!'
    name: Pause
  - command: '~'
    name: Resume