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Example Composite Protocol Code

Example implementation of four simple protocols, composition into a composite protocol using the correlated merge operator, and running a simulation of the composite using the TestHarness class.

Important Library Classes Javadocs

  • BaseProtocol - Base class for protocols
  • Distribution - Used for representing views. Probability-weighted collection of objects.
  • MergeCorrelated - Correlated merge operator for protocol composition
  • MergeIndependent - Independent merge operator for protocol composition
  • Overlay - "Smart view" object used to delegate views to other protocol layers
  • TestHarness - Launch a simulation of one or many MiCA nodes for testing, either in a simulated network or on a local machine using many protocol instances communicating with TCP/IP in the same JVM.
  • MicaOptions - Command line options for TestHarness specify number of nodes, network topology, etc.
  • Launcher - Launch a single MiCA node from the command line.
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