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Desktop version of the StoryBytes story viewer for ink.
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StoryBytes is a simple viewer for Ink scripts; storybytes-desktop is a simple desktop application built using Kotlin and TornadoFX.

StoryBytes was originally developed as a very simple demo for mica-ink; the current version is built to use blade-ink which I recommend for Java development with Ink.


I basically built this just to play around a bit with TornadoFX, so at present there are no specific plans. I might try to make it a desktop version of the StoryBytes android app at some point (i.e., a generic Ink player with file loading, etc) but there is no ETA on that.


The application is built and run using gradle.

To build the application:

./gradlew build

The first time you do this, it will likely download a LOT of stuff. You will need a working development environment for Java.

To run the application (will build it, if not yet built)

./gradlew run

Use the bat file on windows.

To run this with your own Ink files, place your ink file in the "resource/ink" directory, and change the constant FILENAME in the BladeViewer.kt file to reference your file. The app will then start up with your Ink story.


Currently set to the MIT license, but I'll have to take a look at it at some point (it may be a bit restrictive). Ping me if you want to use the code for something.

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