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Kickblast will create a series of computer generated kick drums into its folder
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Kickblast - Kick Drum Generation Device

Alt text

Kickblast is a Csound program that populates a folder full of computer (Csound) generated bass drums.

Audio Sample:

  1. All you need is Csound: CsoundQT comes with Csound and will enable you to run Kickblast.

  2. Once installed, open the Kickblast.csd file and hit "Render" for offline file generation or "Run" for real-time.

  3. You can define a number of parameters up in the top section, including how many kick drums you wish to generate.

  4. The folder which contains the Kickblast.csd will become populated with your kick drums.


License: Written by Micah Frank under GPLv3

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