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Friendly Baubles

My attempt at writing a game for Ludum Dare 48-hour game programming challenge, #30. Try it out! (Some small improvements were made since the completion of that challenge; the actual submitted version is in the "ld30-submission" tag/"release", and may be played here.

Source code licensed under the GPLv3. Music, sound and graphics licensed under the CC BY 4.0.

WARNING! PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. This game includes some humor and phrases that parents may find objectionable for young readers. Play through the game yourself first (it’s not hard to figure out most of the connections to make) and decide whether it’s appropriate for your children before allowing them to play.

Premise: You live within so many worlds. But your friends don’t know each other. There are connections between your worlds. You’re beginning to lose your identity!

Talk to your friends, grab them and toss them into your other friends, unlocking other worlds. Try and get all your worlds connected! (For starters, try connecting the two people who like to call you "n00b")

Written by hand in HTML5/Canvas + JavaScript, using the CreateJS library.

Music played on my Yamaha NU-1 upright-action digital hybrid piano. Sound effect generated using Audacity.

Please remember, if you’re less than impressed by this game and its quality, that I had 48 hours to make it (and several of those were taken up by seeing the excellent David Foley live and up-close! :) ).


My attempt at writing a game for Ludum Dare 48-hour game programming challenge, #30.



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