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@micahflee micahflee released this Sep 23, 2019 · 37 commits to develop since this release

For macOS download OnionShare-2.2.dev1.pkg. For Windows download onionshare-2.2.dev1-setup.exe. For Linux, install from repositories or build from source.

What's new:

  • New feature: Website mode, which allows publishing a static HTML website as an onion service
  • Allow individual files to be viewed or downloaded in Share mode, including the ability to browse into subdirectories and use breadcrumbs to navigate back
  • Show a counter when individual files or pages are viewed
  • Better History items including colors and status codes to differentiate between successful and failed requests
  • Swap out the random /slug suffix for HTTP basic authentication (when in non-public mode)
  • Hide the Tor connection settings if the ONIONSHARE_HIDE_TOR_SETTINGS environment variable is set (Tails compatibility)
  • Remove the NoScript XSS warning in Receive Mode now that the NoScript/Tor Browser bug is fixed. The ajax upload method still exists when javascript is enabled.
  • Better support for DragonFly BSD
  • Updated various dependencies, including Flask, Werkzeug, urllib3, requests, and PyQt5
  • Updated Tor to
  • Other minor bug fixes
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