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OnionShare is capable of having most of its interface translated into other languages, because we want to make it easier for people all around the world to use it.

Locale files (including the default English) are stored in JSON files within the OnionShare codebase.

How to add or improve translations

The Localization Lab has some documentation about translating OnionShare.

OnionShare now uses the easy and copyleft Weblate.

Status of translations

This is the situation with translations now. If you want to translate a language that is not here, please write us to the mailing list: onionshare-dev (at)

Translation status

Translate the .desktop file

You can also translate the install/onionshare.desktop file.

E.g. duplicate the line that begins with Comment=. Add the language code to the new line so it becomes Comment[lang]= (lang should be your language). You can see what language codes are being used for translation by looking at the share/locale/*.json filenames.

Comment=Original string
Comment[da]=Danish translation of the original string

Do the same for other lines that needs translations.

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