Using Bridges

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OnionShare supports two types of bridge mode (when using Bundled mode) as of version 1.2. This can be configured in the Settings screen.

You don't need to use Bridges if your Tor connection is already working. If you want to learn more about Tor bridges and pluggable transports, please visit the Tor documentation.

Use obfs4 pluggable transports

Choose this option to use the built-in obfs4 pluggable transports. These are the same obfs4 transports that come shipped with the Tor Browser. There is no further configuration required if you select this option.

Use meek_lite (Amazon or Azure) pluggable transports.

OnionShare 1.3 supports meek_lite bridges for Linux. A future version will support meek_lite for macOS or Windows.

Use custom bridges (non-pluggable transports)

Instead of using obfs4 Pluggable Transports, you can supply your own list of 'normal' bridges, one per line.

You can obtain such bridges from Tor's BridgeDB.

You can set custom obfs4 bridges or meek_lite (Linux only) PluggableTransports, in the 'custom bridges' text box. You can of course also use 'normal' traditional bridges (not pluggable transports).

Caveats to be aware of when configuring bridges

Using bridges might be less reliable

If you find that OnionShare is unable to connect to Tor at all, or takes too long, when using bridges, this is unlikely to be a bug in OnionShare.

Using bridges can be slow, and sometimes quite unreliable if pre-supplied bridges are not operating properly.

If you can't connect using Bridges, it is unlikely that the OnionShare developers will be able to fix this for you.

Invalid bridge syntax

If you supply bridges in an invalid format, they will simply be ignored. If none of your bridges are valid, OnionShare will alert you about this, and revert to connecting to Tor directly.

What about other Pluggable Transports?

OnionShare only supports obfs4 right now. If you need other pluggable transports or a more robust bridge system, consider configuring your Tor Browser to use bridges, and then configure OnionShare to use the Tor Browser as the connection method instead of 'bundled' mode.

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