Using a Persistent URL

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Use Persistent URL (Advanced Usage)

You can configure the Settings to use a Persistent URL when sharing files.

If this setting is checked, then the next share will save the Onion Service URL (.onion domain name, and the /slug that follows). All future shares will re-use this persistent Onion Service URL.

If you are using Stealth mode, the HidServAuth string is also saved for re-use on future shares.

Persistent URLs are useful if you want to pre-arrange a share but not start it until a later date, or if your internet connection drops out and you want to resume sharing under the same URL because you already communicated it to your receiving user. You can also share different files using the same URL and slug in this mode.

If you uncheck this setting, the persistent URL and slug will be permanently removed, and the next share (and subsequent shares) will return to using random URLs and slugs.

Things you should know about Persistent Mode

CAUTION: Be aware that using a persistent URL means that the 'private key' is saved to your OnionShare settings file. This key is very secret (if it is stolen, another user can set up an Onion Service on that same URL), so you should take extra care not to allow your OnionShare settings file to be obtained by malicious means.

NOTE: As of OnionShare 2.0, persistent mode can only be used with legacy (v2) style onion addresses. Persistent mode is not yet possible for next-gen or v3 style .onions. This is expected to become possible somewhere after December 2018.

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