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Convert OTR keys from Pidgin format to Gajim format
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This program converts OTR keys from Pidgin format to Gajim format.

Your Pidgin OTR files are here:

~/.purple/otr.private_key  # secret key(s)
~/.purple/otr.fingerprints # fingerprints

Your Gajim OTR files are here:

~/.local/share/gajim/ACCOUNT.key3 # secret key
~/.local/share/gajim/ACCOUNT.fpr  # fingerprints

When you run, it automatically loads your Pidgin OTR files from ~/.purple/. Then it creates a new directory relative to your current path called output and saves Gajim-formatted .key3 and .fpr files into it for each Pidgin account you have.

You then have to manually copy the .key3 and .fpr files from the output directory into ~/.local/share/gajim/. You may have to slightly rename the files (e.g. remove the username@ prefix).

I copied a bunch of code from Guardian Project's otrfileconverter project to load and parse the Pidgin OTR private key file:

How to Use

First install Gajim:

sudo apt-get install gajim

Run it and set up your jabber accounts. Click Edit, Plugins, switch to the Available tab, and download and install the Off-the-Record plugin. On the Plugins window, click Configure while Off-the-Record is selected to open the OTR plugin settings. For each jabber account, generate a new OTR key (just to create filenames that we'll overwrite). When you have done this, completely exit Gajim.

Then download and run pidgin2gajim:

git clone
cd pidgin2gajim
virtualenv env  # needs python-virtualenv 
. env/bin/activate
pip install pyparsing
pip install python-potr
ls -l output

Then overwrite your Gajim OTR keys with the ones that were just created in the output directory. Something like:

# note: gajim does not want the username@ prefix
cp output/ ~/.local/share/gajim/
cp output/ ~/.local/share/gajim/

Now open Gajim again. If all went well, you should now have your Pidgin OTR keys in Gajim.

There is a known bug where Gajim sometimes crashes the first time it tries to parse your saved fingerprints:

If this happens, you can just run Gajim again and it should work fine. You'll just be missing a couple of fingerprints from people you've talked to. Your actual secret key should be exactly the same and have the same fingerprint.

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