Nightly, rotated backups of MongoDB (port of AutoMySQLBackup for use with Mongo)
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This was causing problems when someone tried to disable our backups.

The expected behaviour (no backups) didn't happen :(

Instead the script just backs up without FILE variable being set which
causes the mongodump to run into the the CWD which is worse.

Exit with non zero return code seems best as when in a cron we get a
message to say that it failed. It's probably best to be bugged when
backsup are not running as it should be an execptional config state.
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This is a very barebones port of the AutoMySQLBackup project. This bash script will allow you to do daily backups of a Mongo database. It includes periodic rotation so that you can keep historical weekly and monthly backups, as well as daily.


This is released under GPL version 2.