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Nightly, rotated backups of MongoDB (port of AutoMySQLBackup for use with Mongo)
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Latest commit 44e39af Apr 21, 2016 @pirxpilot pirxpilot committed with jalogisch add support for splitting backup files into chunks (#40)
* add support for splitting resulting files into chunks

add MAXFILESIZE option that determines the size of the largest file
generated by backup
if MAXFILESIZE is not set (default bahavior) automongobackyp is not splitting files

* add write_file function to cleanup code

write file splits the resulting stream into files if MAXFILESIZE is
defined, or just cats it directly if not



This is a very barebones port of the AutoMySQLBackup project. This bash script will allow you to do daily backups of a Mongo database. It includes periodic rotation so that you can keep historical weekly and monthly backups, as well as daily.


This is released under GPL version 2.

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