Curriculum Vitae

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##Open Source Projects


####HackerspaceSG Door Hack

##Mobile ####Found iPhone App

  • Maintained the native iPhone application for Found.
  • New features introduced:
    • Photo browsing, upload
    • Private Messaging
    • Sharing on Facebook / Twitter using ASI HttpRequest class

####Sparklette Food and Dining Guide

  • Consumed content directly from Sparklette’s WordPress blog using a JSON API plugin.
  • Customized category listing and location / region search for food delights.
  • Push Notification when new articles are published.


####MyTriple-O Pte Ltd – Website Revamp

  • Helped client to strategize and leverage on their huge volume of nicely taken photos.
  • Created new site with more focus on the lifestyle attraction of their products – not just about the technological benefits.
  • Resulted in 10-fold increase in traffic and leads generated.

####Putri Ayu Nyonya Kuey Pte Ltd – Website Revamp

  • Rebranding of company with will corporate identity.
  • Royal colors were used and integrated extensively in the new site design.
  • Brought new life to an old traditional household brand.

####ACA Pacific Pte Ltd - Corporate Website Revamp

  • Needed to update their corporate website to reflect their regional presence as well as their widened range of products and services.
  • Created corporate site with multiple micro-site for individual sub-brands in the company.
  • Also integrated an events management system into the site to help them plan for training courses.

####SIFAS – Indian Fine Arts Festival Events Microsite

  • Client needed a new microsite to publicise their upcoming festival events.
  • Included a new look and focus on the international artistes coming for the event.
  • Online profile and linkage to event videos.
  • Online RSVP system that allows for guests and students to place order for tickets.
  • Included linkage to SISTIC ticketing link.
  • Created more awareness and generated more buzz around the festival.

####Sindhi Association of Singapore Website – Customised CMS System

  • Backend system to allow Sindhi Association to upload content to the website.
  • Included online listing of all association members, along with contact details and professional profile.
  • Event Calendar and RSVP system.
  • Website became new focal point for the closely knit community in Singapore.

####Workers Connection Asia – Customised CMS System

  • NGO with focus on migrant worker welfare in ASEAN.
  • Needed a resource site to upload articles and papers presented at conferences.
  • Created backend CMS system using our proprietary framework.
  • Content management, event planning and mailing list management.

####Petrolwatch Pte Ltd – Website Revamp

  • New social networking focused website with all the bells and whistles.
  • Allow for multiple streams of user generated content:
    • YouTube Videos
    • Photo Uploads via MMS
    • Traffic Alerts via SMS
  • Created MMS Gateway that can retrieve photos from users from any Telco networks.
  • Build site within 3 weeks and readied it for launch at Motor Show.
  • New site signed up 300 new paying members during the course of the trade show and the follow-up events.

####LiveLifeSG – Corporate Events Management System

  • Social network for corporate and non-profit social events in Singapore.
  • Corporate event management with access to venue owners, event talents and planners and sponsors.
  • Integrated messaging system and approval routing.
  • Opened to great response during the beta testing stage.

##Custom Application Development

###IPTV Implementation


  • Singapore-based Edutainment IPTV licensee.
  • Research & development team on building video streaming platform using Windows Media and Silverlight.
  • Build first proof-of-concept using C# on Silverlight.
  • Research on using set-top boxes with Intel based system-on-chip technology.
  • Developed first proof-of-concept for interactive online training via DimDim.
  • Implemented base LMS system using Moodle.
  • Tech lead for Future Schools pitch to Singapore MOE schools.

###Interactive E-Commerce Portals

####Mystic Vintage

  • Sold vintage one-off spectacles online.
  • Flash-based interactive shopping catalogue with label indicators on stock levels.
  • Backend system that allowed for easy updating and uploading of photos.
  • Tracking of customer orders. Catered for complex calculation of freight costs.
  • Printing feature to allow printing of packing labels.
  • Mailing list system to collect new leads.

####P2PPL Pte Ltd

  • MMORPG network in Singapore.
  • Sold game cards online which will recharge the game credits in the game.
  • Build the back-end e-commerce portal along with payment gateway integration with PayPal and E-Nets.
  • Dispensing of game card ID numbers and passwords through email system.
  • Resulted in 5-fold increase in sales volume.

###Intelligent Kiosk Multimedia Solutions

####OCBC Kiosks

  • Created an innovative smart vending machine for OCBC.
  • Touch screen interface with a magnetic card reader.
  • Created backend system along with the interactive interface.
  • Magnetic card will display which items the customer is entitled to.
  • Automated dispensing of selected items just by touching the desired item.
  • Build on open source technologies.
  • Support for remote updating of the contents.
  • Alert system which will SMS or Email the notification of low-supply levels to administrator.
  • Bi-lingual menus along with music and voice-overs.
  • Launched pilot system with great success. More units are in the pipeline.

####Disney Pixar’s "Wall-E" Interactive Touchscreen Campaign at Tangs Underpass

  • Interactive video wall to showcase movie trailers.
  • Included Flash games that are tied into the movie theme.
  • Integrated with a high-resolution touch screen system to allow for user interaction directly with the glass panel and LCD TV.
  • Delivered the entire system within 3 weeks.
  • Increased awareness and recall factor for the movie.

###Customer Relation Management (CRM)

####Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) - Student Management System

  • Upgrade their Microsoft Access based system into a web-based system.
  • Plan teacher and student time table.
  • Mark attendance of students.
  • Auto-generate bill for monthly school fees.
  • Linked to payroll system for accounting teacher’s monthly salary.
  • Also calculate and recorded graded exams results.
  • Easy access from any location.
  • Viewing of management reports online.
  • Aided in the generation of annual student reports (attendance, exam results and teachers’ comments).
  • Included a label printing system to help generate name tags for all students and staff.
  • Resulted in a more reliable system that is more scalable and flexible in displaying management reports.
  • Innovative use of AJAX and charting system in management reports.
  • Allow for exporting of results to Excel and PDF format.

###Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for procurement & resource planning

####Khien Lee Pte Ltd

  • Online accounting system to generate Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders and Invoices.
  • Accessible from any location.
  • Quickly track all outstanding payments and aging report of all unpaid orders.
  • Easily track total volume of products sold and the total volume per customers.
  • Aided in supply planning and forecasting.
  • Resulted in 300% improvement in efficiency over Excel, Word and paper based system.

####Pacific-World Insurance Brokers - General Insurance System (GIS)

  • Conversion from their DOS-based system to a web-based system.
  • Previous system can only be accessed from offices and requires them to maintain a modem bank for remote access by branches.
  • Web-based system allows for a centrally controlled and easily accessible system for all staff.
  • Reduced double entry and increased response time by client.
  • Able to generate policy statements faster and can be printed on laser printers (instead of dot-matrix printers from the old DOS-based system).
  • Backend exporting of database to accounting system.
  • Resulted in 200% increase in efficiency.

####HSBC Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd – Liberty Insurance

  • Allow client to easily track and generate policy documents for workmen compensation insurance.
  • Control system to reject black-listed individuals - mandatory tracking to prevent them from applying for policies.
  • Web based and can be accessed from outside the office.
  • Linked and formatted for do-matrix printer output on pre-printed carbon paper forms.
  • Increased efficiency 10-fold from the previous manual system using excel and typewriters.

####ACA Pacific Pte Ltd – Automated Quotation System

  • Developed a web based system to help replace the paper based and
  • Uploading of price-list on a departmental basis.
  • Create quotation online with custom pricing supported.
  • Generate PDF document based on online form.
  • Directly email to customers from the system itself – along with attachment of PDF quotation.
  • Resellers can also login to retrieve price list, conduct query and filtering of the price list to generate their own custom reseller price-list.
  • Discount tiers are set by accounts manager and requires approval from GM.
  • Approval routing and quotation approval are all linked to the in-house email messaging system on Microsoft Exchange.
  • Invoicing System tied into the system as well.
  • Backend export of data to in-house accounting system.


Our solutions provide you with metrics you need to gauge the progress of your e-marketing initiative.

###Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM)

####Capitaland – CapitaCard Ladies Card Email Marketing

  • Leverage on existing customers database.
  • Timely alerts on current offers at CapitaMalls.
  • 40% response rate with drop-out rate of 5%.

####Concorde Hotel – Email Marketing

  • Regular Email blast to their database as well as our 50,000 database.
  • Qualified PMEB (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Business owners) listing.
  • At least 33% click-through rate and only a drop-out rate of 1%.
  • Reach out to customers and build new leads.

####Singapore Sports Council – E-Greeting Cards System

  • Developed delivery system for Flash Greeting Card.
  • Designate recipients from within the organization and for all partners.
  • Importing of database via Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Customization of messages and personalization of salutation for each recipient.
  • Client was able to reach out to all stakeholders during festive seasons.

###SMS Marketing

####Capitaland - CapitaCard Ladies Card

  • SMS blast to CapitaCard Ladies Card holders with the special promotions for Christmas.
  • Reports on total number of receipts, unsubscribes and failed delivery messages.

####Petrolwatch – SMS Blast

  • Build adhoc SMS system for client to SMS blast to their database.
  • Reports on total number of receipts, unsubscribes and failed delivery messages.

####SPC – SMS Lucky Draw

  • Created back-end system for nationwide SMS campaign where customers send in SMS with their contact details and why they like SPC so much.
  • Build clean-up sub-system to correct all the improperly formatted SMS messages.
  • Received 100,000 SMSes throughout the campaign and generated new leads from which to build their future marketing campaigns.
  • Generated weekly reports and helped to shortlist the best answers for SPC to select their weekly lucky winner for free petrol.
  • Managed SMS gateways for which SMS acknowledgements were sent.

###Social Media Marketing

####Podfire Podcast Network – Podcasting Publishing System

  • Developed a podcast publishing system across all the websites within the network. Build on open source technology – WordPress using the Podpress Plug-In.
  • Created e-Commerce section of the website to market partner products.
  • Created viral video marketing campaign on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Published video podcast onto iTunes Music Store.
  • One of the shows, “It’s a Dog’s Life”, was featured on iTunes Music Store’s website and got at least a 5000 viewers within 1 month of its launch.

####Philosophy in Programming Society

  • Build website for community website. Also created the event
  • Created Facebook page and helped to build the social media community.
  • Created Wiki site for crowd-sourcing knowledge and self-help.
  • Event managed all the meetups and the online invitations through Facebook and
  • Created Linked-In Community for job posting and building a professional community online.
  • Developed online course materials website for courseware dissemination and student management.
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